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CannaVinus | Alcohol Free 0% (Dealcoholized Wine)

CannaVinus | Alcohol Free 0% (Dealcoholized Wine)

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CannaVinus® is a Sparkling Wine beverage with Elderberry and Mint. It is a dealcoholized wine with 0% alcohol by volume. CannaVinus® is the perfect wine pairing for the Cannabis lover.  As opposed to focusing on the psychoactive properties of cannabis, CannaVinus® focuses on the aromatic and charismatic components of cannabis with the inclusion of terpenes such as myrcene and limonene. These chemicals are found in our mint and tropical fruit ingredients. Terpenes are secreted in the same glands that create cannabinoids like THC and CBD but it provides the distinctive flavor and aroma. CannaVinus® Does Not Overpower the Cannabis Experience; it Enhances it. CannaVinus® does not contain any THC or CBD, it is simply a wine pairing to compliment Cannabis smoke. 

  • Aromatic Dealcoholized Wine beverage (0% ABV)
  • Available in a 200ml single serve or 750ml glass bottle
  • Contains NO THC or CBD 
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