About CannaVinus


CannaVinus® is an Aromatic Sparkling White Wine beverage with Elderberry and Mint. It is available as a Dealcoholized 0% Alcohol by volume or a 6% alcohol by volume version. CannaVinus® is the perfect wine pairing for the Cannabis lover. As opposed  to focusing on the psychoactive properties of cannabis. CannaVinus® focuses on the aromatic and charismatic components of cannabis with the inclusion of terpenes such as myrcene and limonene. These chemicals are found in our mint and tropical fruit ingredients. Terpenes are secreted in the same glands that create cannabinoids like THC and CBD but it provides the distinctive flavor and aroma. CannaVinus® Does Not Overpower the Cannabis Experience; it Enhances it. CannaVinus® does not contain any THC or CBD, it is simply a wine pairing to compliment Cannabis smoke. 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages, as more and more people are choosing to cut back on their alcohol consumption. Low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks offer a healthier alternative that still allows people to enjoy the social aspect of drinking. Premium Blend’s® groundbreaking products make it an excellent choice for customers looking for a non-alcoholic or low alcohol beverage. CannaVinus® 0% and CannaVinus 6% fits perfectly into this growing trend.


 Terpene Graph

CannaVinus® pairs well with Cannabis smoke. The Limonene found in CannaVinus® facilitates an elevated mood and provides stress relief. The Myrcene enhances THC psychoactive components of cannabis and also relaxes the mind. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Does CannaVinus® contain CBD or THC ?  No, CannaVinus® does not contain any CBD or THC products.

2.) Does CannaVinus® contain alcohol?  Yes, CannaVinus® comes in a 6% alcohol by volume, semi-sparkling white wine.

3.) Does CannaVinus® have a non-alcohol version?  Yes, we have a dealcoholized version.  The Dealcoholized process is an complex and expensive process that removes the alcohol from the product, resulting in a 0% alcohol free product that everyone can enjoy.

4.) What is dealcoholized wine? Dealcoholized wine, also known as non-alcoholic wine or alcohol-free wine, refers to a type of wine that has had its alcohol content reduced significantly. It is made from regular wine through a process called dealcoholization, which involves removing the alcohol content while retaining the flavors and characteristics of the original wine.

5.) What is the difference between CannaVinus® and CannaVinus® Alcohol Free?  Our CannaVinus® 6% is a semi-sparkling aromatic white wine with 6% alcohol by volume.  Our CannaVinus 0% is a Full sparkling, dealcoholized wine that contains 0% alcohol by volume.