The Santos Brothers Blend Dealcoholized Wine and Cannabis Culture to Reach the Growing Market of Cannabis Users

The Santos Brothers Blend Dealcoholized Wine and Cannabis Culture to Reach the Growing Market of Cannabis Users

In Miami, where weed-themed shops and trucks capture the rising enthusiasm for cannabis products and usage, and with Amendment 3 set to be on the ballot in November, Henry and Gino Santos have come up with an idea to complement the cannabis culture and the growing interest for non-alcoholic products. Miami-raised brothers recently launched CannaVinus 0% Alcohol, a dealcoholized sparkling wine designed to be the perfect pairing for the cannabis experience without containing any THC or CBD. In a state anticipating the impact of Amendment 3 and its potential to legalize recreational marijuana, the Santos brothers have tapped into a growing market with a 0% alcohol beverage.

CannaVinus 0% Alcohol was produced by the owners of Premium Blend, a family business that has long been rooted in Miami’s food and beverage scene. Henry and Gino are sons of Orestes Santos, a Cuban singer-songwriter who moved his family to Miami from Cuba in the 1970s. In search of a new beginning, the family established Premium Blend in 1989. Their aim was to help small and medium-sized restaurants serve creative cocktails without needing expensive liquor licenses. By providing wine-based liquor alternatives, Premium Blend gave countless establishments the chance to thrive.

The Santos family’s new product, CannaVinus 0%, builds on that legacy. It's a sparkling wine carefully crafted to enhance the cannabis experience by focusing on terpenes—aromatic compounds found in cannabis—while keeping the beverage free of THC or CBD. By combining the refreshing notes of mint and the sweetness of elderberry, CannaVinus 0% provides a crisp, botanical flavor profile meant to uplift the senses. These ingredients hold natural terpenes like limonene, caryophyllene and pinene which offer therapeutic properties such as stress relief, anti-inflammatory effects and enhanced mood, mirroring the beneficial aspects of cannabis without overshadowing its effects. 

Henry and Gino worked meticulously on CannaVinus 0%, ensuring the drink underwent a thorough dealcoholization process to deliver pure flavor without alcohol's intoxicating effects. Because there is no alcohol, the beverage can be offered to consumers without any restrictions. 

Their efforts have paid off with a unique beverage that brings out the best of both worlds. Whether enjoyed solo or paired with a favorite strain, CannaVinus 0% Alcohol promises to offer cannabis aficionados the “perfect pairing experience.” 

With CannaVinus 0% Alcohol, Henry and Gino are ready to share their innovative product with a growing market of consumers who value creativity and quality. Together, the brothers are introducing a product that reflects Miami’s vibrant culture while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of cannabis and wine.

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